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We’re a friendly, family orientated, multicultural community of believers who live in and around St. John’s Newfoundland Labrador. With over 200 regular attendees from all points of the globe and all walks of life, we are a group of people who are growing in Christ within this community of faith. God’s love for us motivates us to show the love of Jesus Christ to those we meet.

The best way to find out who we really are is to join us!


The Baptist Federation of Canada was instrumental in establishing the first Baptist church in Newfoundland in 1954. Portugal Cove Road was selected as the site for the new church. It soon became apparent that a second church would have to be established in the west end of the city. In 1967 a committee known as the West End Committee, met in the First Baptist Church to plan for the establishment of a second Baptist church in the city. A site for the new church was selected and purchased. Dedication of the property site at 314 Topsail Road was held on October 29, 1967.
The first meeting of the West End group was held December 15, 1968, at the Vera Perlin School. In May 1969 West End Baptist church was recognized as a new Baptist church by the Newfoundland Baptist Association. Within the year the property now known as Newfoundland Adventure Camp was purchased through the efforts of the West End Baptist men’s brotherhood.
In 1971 the church services were moved to St. Mary’s School while plans were put in place for the construction of a new church building. On October 28, 1973, the new church building was dedicated. In May of 1978 the decision was made to expand the facilities to accommodate the growing congregation. In 1981 the building project was completed, adding a new sanctuary, pastor’s office, secretarial space, and washroom facilities.
On October 3rd, 2009 West End Baptist celebrated it’s 40th anniversary with a special supper. During the evenings programs, which was filled with much singing and laughter, the mortgage for the facility at 314 topsail road was burned in celebration and recognition of God providing the money to pay off the building loan.

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