Hello & Welcome

Believing in God’s Word and Spirit
Our mission is to be a church where people feel welcome to worship God and know they belong, where the Holy Spirit transforms lives through the Bible and inspires us to become more like Jesus, sharing His love and message of hope, serving in our community and the world.

Our Sunday Worship

Join us for Sunday worship at 10:30 AM, we strive to create an environment that reflects God’s love.

Current Sermon Series

We are launching a new message series called “Faithing Forward: Trusting Jesus with our Future.” Over the next six weeks, we will be studying two chapters in the gospel of Matthew: chapters 24 and 25. Throughout Matthew, Jesus did a lot of teaching; from the Sermon on the Mount, to many parables and so much more. In this series, we’ll be looking at Jesus’ teaching about the end times. The disciples are wondering about the future, about the end of the age, and Jesus encourages them that they can trust him with the future. In fact, they can trust him with their future and we can trust him with ours, too.


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